Brent Simmons has a nice writeup on about how we need more static web sites: A plea for baked weblogs.

This is actually something near and dear to my heart. As you may or may not know, my little website here is built entirely out of static HTML files, exported from a VoodooPad document. This is done via a python plugin I wrote named "FlyBlog", (which is available as sample code from VoodooPad's Plugin API download) so it's a nice mix of static and dynamic code. Dynamic on the client, static on the server. Comments are then served up with Disqus. I've been Fireballed a number of times, and have yet to encounter a problem.

It's a nice little system for myself, even if the code is a bit sloppy (and the UI is a bit unfriendly as well). If I wasn't pushing so many pixels around these days, I'd be making it usable for other folks. Maybe this summer.