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October 12, 2016

Danny MacAskill rides bikes, and he does tricks too. Amazing tricks. If you're not familiar with him already, you can see some of his videos on YouTube. You should watch a couple just to get familiar with him.

Right now, Danny is doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit and this exchange caught my eye:

Q. by 'Slushyforbrains': "In a Facebook posting about Wee Day Out, you mentioned that you attempted that log slide trick around 300 times before nailing it. Is that normal for your tricks or was that one just incredibly difficult?"

A. by 'DannyMacAskill': "300 attempts at one trick can be quite normal! Other tricks in my videos such as the front flip over the ball onto the railway track in Imaginate took the same amount."

I thought this was a nice reminder of what goes into being a professional. Failure, followed by more failure. Eventually, after 300 tries, you might even pull it off.