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July 2014

Acorn 4.5 beta

June 2014

Sleep as a Competitive Advantage

May 2014

Progress Report for 2014.05.15

March 2014

Progress Report for 2014.03.26

February 2014

Progress Report for 2014.02.25

Drawing as a programmer

Acorn 4.3 Beta and Progress Report for 2014.02.15

busblog and uber

Some New Episodes You Should Listen To This Weekend

Good Artists Copy

Red Bull Stratos and OS X Crash Reports

January 2014

Progress Report for 2014.01.27

Sunlit and Glassboard

Progress Report for 2014.01.15

A Mailing List for the Layered Image File Type

The Record

December 2013

State of the Meat 2013 Edition

So I Got My First DSLR

Glassboard Development Taken Over by Second Gear

The Seattle Sound

Why Acorn 4.2 Was Released Direct First, and a Bit About Linking Against SDK Versions

Acorn 4.2 - One for the Pros

November 2013

Blend Modes Explained

Acorn, Sixteen Bits Per Component, and You

A New Home for VoodooPad

October 2013

Andy Reitz on Apple TV and gaming

Core Values

Intelligence is not a Gift

Capo 3

September 2013

My Apple Wish List Late 2013 Edition

Creating a CIImageAccumulator Clone with IOSurface

Interview With Super Awesome Artist Brian Kesinger

August 2013

FMPSD and a Peek Into FM's Roadmap

On Learning to Code

Acorn 4.1


Myself on Debug

June 2013

The Game Controller


May 2013

What I'd Like to See at WWDC 2013


How to Know When Apple Finally Gets iCloud Right

Dissection of an Acorn 4 Launch

April 2013

Acorn 4

We Need A Standard Layered Image Format

Looking for Some Acorn Testers

March 2013

NSNorth Still Has Some Tickets Available

Reason No. 1 You Should be Sketching Every Day

Hypercritical: The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor

Don’t get stuck

February 2013

The Art of George W. Bush and the Importance of Play


iCloud vs. Dropbox and Files

Some Random Observations on VoodooPad, Acorn, MAS Sales, Direct Sales, and Customer Love Notes

Chris Sander's The Lost Boards

Brent Is Back

January 2013


Closest Point on a Curve to Another Point

Omni in 2013

One of My Favorite Apps: LaunchBar

December 2012

The Kennedy Center Honors 2012

27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012

Myself Interviewed by Federico Viticci

Acorn Plugin to Insert a Drafting Paper Layer

Using VoodooPad for fixme notes when programming

November 2012

Mike's Surf Bike

Myself on NSBrief

October 2012

The Seattle Stranger's Endorsements for the 2012 General Election

iCloud: Sharing done wrong

Wolf's Technote for OpenSSL on OS X


September 2012

Myself on iDeveloper Live Chatting About JSTalk

NYT: A Critic’s Case for Critics Who Are Actually Critical

RGB Colorspace Atlas

August 2012

Mike Ash Friday Q&A: Obtaining and Interpreting Image Data

Identical Cousins

VoodooPad 5.1 Released

SRV and Your Song of the Day

VoodooPad Navigation Plugins

Glassboard Premium

Future VoodooPad 5.1 Tricks- Static

Planetary Annihilation

My New Mac Pro

Processing.js 1.4

Pardon the Dust

July 2012

Neven Mrgan: The Mac App Store's future

An Unholy Goop

Acorn 3.3

RA: The Developer News Window

June 2012

Future Acorn 3.3 Tricks

Retina or Bust

There are Two Types of Relaxing for Indie Devs

Nice Mohawk

May 2012

Quick VoodooPad 5 Postmortem

April 2012


VoodooPad 5.0 Released

Forbes: It's Time to End the Drug War

BBEdit Turns 20

Well That's Interesting

Manton on iCloud vs. the Web

Mueller Pizza Lab

Figure from Propellerhead is Awesome

Why Apple Is In China

Deliberatism: Forget Self-Improvement

March 2012

Harry Potter and the DRM-less ePub

Wil Shipley: The Mac App Store Needs Paid Upgrades

Pushing Pixels: About those vector icons

Brent Simmons on Deflation and Introductory Pricing

Little M Update

Interview with Buzz Andersen

February 2012

FMDB 2.0

Etched effects in Acorn

Subtle UI Texture in Acorn

Recursive Blocks

Buzz Andersen: A Plea for Better iOS Text Facilities

January 2012

Seattle Times: Drunken sailor opens wrong door

Hibari and JSTalk

What Shipping Software and Newborns Have in Common

A Couple of Random Unrelated Thoughts on iBooks Author

Running a website with VoodooPad Pro

December 2011

State of the Meat 2011 Edition

Gitbox is 1 year old

New App from Rogue Amoeba - Piezo

November 2011

In Defense of the Stylus

Deconstructing and Putting Back Together Some Icons in Acorn

Little Icons and Acorn 3.2 Submitted

Acorn 3.2 Betas

Tom Green on Flash to HTML5

A Primer on Bezier Curves

Wil Shipley on Sandboxing

October 2011

NaNoDrawMo 2011

What will future generations condemn us for?

Printing Out Bezier Code

A Brief History of Mathematics

Kickingbear: The 90 Percenters


The Nobel Prize for Chemistry, or How the Scientific Process Always Wins

September 2011

Beware of Versions and Autosave in 10.7

Kickingbear: Penned

Acorn 3.1 Beta - 10.7 Goodies

Inessential: The part of Xcode 4 that tires me out

August 2011

FMDB Google Group




Flying Meat T-Shirts Available Again

Once More With the Histogram


Drawing a Histogram with Core Image

10.7's Zeroing Weak Refs

John Mayer on Twitter


July 2011

Stupid productutil Tricks

Interviewed on The Setup

Boolean Operations on Bezier Paths

Airfoil 4.5

Push, Dropbox, Async, and Indie Sockets

June 2011

Electrolux Design Lab

MacBook Air as a Portable Home

Roll With It

NetNewsWire acquired by Black Pixel

May 2011

Regarding Objective-C & Copland 2010

Who is Acorn for?


An Open Letter to Team17

Sandvox 2

On eBook Pricing

April 2011

A Vector Popover in Acorn

PhobosLab: iOS and JavaScript

Regarding Simplicity

Some Acorn Scripts for iOS Designers

Fancy Submit Button Tutorial

Making a Fancy Submit Button in Acorn

Acorn 3 Latest Builds

Acorn 3 Launch and Tidbits

Easy Alarms

Matt Smith's Graceland Project


Super Big Desktop Picture

March 2011

Voices That Matter: Seattle Edition

Borkware's First-Timer's Guide To WWDC

Capo 2.1 is out

Panic: Let's Help Japan

Inessential: A plea for baked weblogs

Slow Company

Automated Testing with Undo

Salman Khan at TED


NetNewsWire Lite 4.0

February 2011

FlySketch on Sale for 4.99 in the MAS

Acorn 2.6.4 is up in the App Store

How to Get Rejected from the Mac App Store

January 2011

The Complete Friday Q&A by Mike Ash

Nick Bradbury: Some Customers Suck

Quiksilver All 80's All Day Vert Challenge


Various Reactions to the App Store

A Neat Twitter Trick

December 2010

Hackulous and the Mac App Store

The Indie Mac Gift Pack

Back to 1.0, or VoodooPad for iOS Now Available

Customizing Links in an NSTextView

November 2010

JSTalk Happenings

The Episode Where Paul Kafasis Tries to Kill Himself

Flying Meat T-Shirts

October 2010

Icons in iMove and iPhoto 11

That Mac App Store Thing

Acorn 2.6

Controller or Bust

Tweet Library


September 2010

Mark Dalrymple: Stay Out Of Apple's Namespace

Strange Loop Conference

VoodooPad 4.3b2

Acorn 2.5 Released

Acorn 2.5b1

August 2010

Prototyping UI Elements with JSTalk

July 2010

Making a Color Wheel in Core Image

Acorn 2.3.2b1

DefCon Ninja Party Badge

Automated Testing With JSTalk

Fancy, Your Pants Are: Star Wars Gentlemen

Super Mario Bros. Projection

Terminal Tips and Tricks For Mac OS X

June 2010

NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension

VoodooPad for iPad Update

May 2010

Towards a better BBCode


MarsEdit 3 Is Here

April 2010

Acorn 2.3 is out and what FM is doing next

Flash-like games in JS with scripty2

Why Tony Stark is better than you

Free App Ideas from Gus, Episode 1

Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff

Ultima V on TI

Brent on being a nice person who sells software

FogBugz Reply Bookmarklet

Sun's path June to December

Cocoatoa: Private API is the Wrong Question

March 2010

RogueSheep: Acorn and JSTalk

How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

Jesse Grosjean's Pizza Post

Acorn on Your Mac Life

February 2010

U.S. Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition

Brent Simmons: On switching away from Core Data

Seattle iPhone Conf- Voices That Matter

January 2010

Marc Cuban: A Simple Policy Guide for Job Growth

Chris Sanders Original Art

Acorn 2.2

Unison 2.0

Today 2.0

Using the Latest LLVM with Xcode

Artist Sketchbooks

Startup Library

December 2009

VoodooPad 4.2.3

Acorn 2.2 beta

Anthony Mangieri on Pizza

Two Stories from HN

Web Sockets in Google Chrome

Modernizing the Responder Chain

XML Generation for Cocoa

New Apps from RogueSheep

A contract of constraints

Shorty Pencil Hack of the Day

Just Shoot Me in the Head

Zero to Pizza in 80 Seconds

The Importance of Blogging

Bad Code Offsets

Stunt Software Gets a Shiny New Website

NPR Stories on Marijuana in California


A Traffic Light Augmented by Progress Bars

November 2009

MarsEdit 2.4

Mixing Blocks and Cursor Rects


You'll never get what you want

Everything Has a Shape