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January 3, 2017

Chuq Von Rospach: Apple’s 2016 in review:

The whole post is really good, and section on the Mac Pro is spot on:

"It’s been over a thousand days since this product has seen an update. As Apple’s high end flagship, this is unconscionable. It shows a lack of respect for its high end power users that have depended on it."

"But here’s the problem: in retrospect, what they built was a device based around their own ego needs of proving their critics wrong, not a device that served the purposes of their power users. It’s not configurable, it’s not upgradeable, it’s not expandable: It’s pretty, and full of (for 2013) innovative hardware design, but is that really what Apple’s power users needed?"

I sold my Mac Pro early last year. It was a fun machine for a small period of time, but it sooo wasn't worth the money I spent on it. I really miss the previous generation of Mac Pros.

Via @benthompson