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November 26, 2002
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

So I'm going to have to droll about Cocoa again for a minute.

It fucking rocks. I swear this is the nicest language I've ever used- clean, easy, and uber powerful. The only problem is the learning curve... I know I'm still at the bottom, but I'm just thinking up these little applications, and things to add to those apps, and BANG! I'm done.

I just added a new feature to ShellPad that only took like 7 minutes to implement- I swear this would have taken probably 20-40 minutes in REALbasic, or maybe fucking 2 hours in java... jeeze. I can understand now why people get so religous about Cocoa.