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August 10, 2002
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

This is a test. Had this been a real post, you would have seen the time zone work correctly, and not be 2 hours off.

Oh, hey- it worked! I just need to finish off the calendar on the right, and most things will be working again.

So my uncle came over today, and I showed him the new house. He seemed to enjoy it, and I think he is more excited about the sound room I'm going to make than I am. We went to Home Depot, and he bought me a weed wacker- super cool. We ended up having to take the thing part way apart to get it to work, but all is well now with it. Andy and Kory dropped by too, so I could show Kory around the place.

And Mike points out that I didn't give him a special thank-you for being there till the very end when everything was moved. He's right I guess. Thanks Mike!