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December 12, 2004
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

Sunday, December 12th, 2004

hey gus

heya internet

watcha' doing?

reading tony's new book "how to blog".

cool. do you like it?

i love it. it's pure tony. it's quality. and it's not just the writing, but the cafepress book thing works out pretty nice as well.

you know, sometimes i just don't get tony.

yea, i understand. my wife is the same way. i think there's basically two types of people in this world- those who get tony pierce, and those who don't.

he doesn't make any sense half the time.

well, you know the motto of of the busblog is "nothing in here is true". or maybe it's the slogan, i'm not sure.

maybe i'll have to catch up on his blog, it's been a while

yea you need to read that stuff for a couple of weeks. and if you end up enjoying tony's style, you need get his book. you won't be disappointed. like i said, it's pure tony- and what's better than that? not counting solid gold bricks of course. and a wining lottery ticket for a billion-billion-trillion dollars. but other than that, there is nothing better.


well, yea. except maybe a free ipod.

-- posted 10:02 pm

"WikityWidget" by Michael Robinette is the winner of the first Dashboard Widget Contest. "WikityWidget is a personal notepad with automatic linking." Sounds familiar.

My widget however, did not win. Probably because I was mouthing off quite a bit in the entry form. Or.. uh.. maybe because Michael's was better. Got a recent version of Safari or Firefox? Check out my entry, Poetop.

Thanks to Jeffrey Kornegay for pointing out WikityWidget to me.

-- posted 9:32 pm

I haven't been playing around with GarageBand at all lately, mostly because I've been super busy. But now that I've got a bit more free time (or, I feel less guilty doing it now) I'm going to see if I can come up with any more tracks.

Ok, another reason I haven't been using GarageBand is because I've been a little frustrated with "computer audio", more specifically the digital effects you can use. GarageBand comes with a whole bunch of filters you can put your audio through, to simulate amps and other effects. I can't stand them though. I can tell it's fake, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's always going to be this way.

So here's three short bluesy pieces that I just recorded with my guitar. Two of these went through some filters in GarageBand, and one of them did not. Leave a comment if you think you can tell which one is unfiltered. Maybe most people can't tell the difference, and I'm just being a dork. However, if it seems a lot of people can can tell which one, I'll know I'm not being unreasonable. These are all ACC files, so you'll probably need QuickTime installed to play them.

a) line in a
b) line in b
c) line in c

-- posted 12:07 am

A MarsEdit report from Brent.

And on naming it: "But really it was because I like Mars and spaceships and we already had a great Mars icon."

-- posted 10:04 am