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November 1, 2005
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

And hey, what good timing. Surf-Bits reviews FlyGesture.

They also discus FlyGesture in a podcast, along with Mike's app, Seasonality.

-- posted 5:28 pm

FlyGesture 1.0 is out. It's a new take on mouse gestures, combined with actions that you can chain together. It's a little... different.

I was waiting on 10.4.3 for the final release, since it had some important bug fixes that I needed. And wow, I was waiting a long long time.

Happy downloading.

-- posted 11:25 am