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November 2, 2005
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

It's been a busy day.

VoodooPad 2.5b1 is ready, and so is FlySketch 1.6b1.

You can find out what's new in VoodooPad 2.5 here, or view the complete release notes. You can also download b1 from the latest builds page.

But I don't want to talk about VoodooPad, I want to talk about FlySketch.

The FlySketch 1.6 release is a little odd for me, since there is only one new feature (there are bug fixes as well of course), but I thought it was important to do. FlySketch will now let you take pictures of the menu bar and the menu items when they are pulled down.

It does this with a new screenshot key which behaves quite a bit like cmd-shift-4 would (which is built into the OS). It makes a picture of the whole screen, and then lets you crop out exactly what selection you'd like to put on the canvas. Unsurprisingly, this new hotkey is cmd-shift-5 (you can change that in the prefs to something else if you prefer). You can also hold down the command key while hitting the camera icon to take a screenshot this way.

I like to think of this new feature as a bridge to what I want to do in FlySketch 2.0. I also want a little bit of feedback for my 2.0 idea... which is getting rid of the floating window that everything happens in, and put everything in a regular window.

One of the reasons FlySketch doesn't handle multiple documents open at the same time is because of this floating window- it would just get way to confusing to have multiple canvases hanging out over all windows. So by getting rid of that feature, I'll be able to do multiple documents in a sane way.

But I'm sort of torn about this, because I feel like FlySketch will lose some of it's novelty. I kind of like the way everything is packed in there, and floating above all the windows and being able to sketch with transparency and moving the window around and such. I of course have ideas to make up for this... but it's still sort of uncomfortable for me.

So I'm curious- what does everyone else think about this idea? You can email me, or leave a comment. Whatever you prefer.

And here's the download page for 1.6b, and the (tiny) release notes:

  • FlySketch will now put pdf and tiffs on the pasteboard for use in the application services menu.
  • New full screen shots, which will also take pictures of menus. Invoked via holding down the command key when hitting the camera button, or cmd-shift-5 (which may be changeable in the prefs if you don't like that)
  • Fixed a bug on export where the file extension of .png was given when no file extension was given in the export panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the stroke size was lost when switching to the highlighter and back.
  • Fixed a bug where a single click with the freehand tool would not draw a single dot.

-- posted 7:52 pm