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June 20, 2005
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

Monday, June 20th, 2005


Rogue Amoeba's little mascot just showed up in the mail today. He'll be protecting my svn repository from now on.

-- posted 7:36 pm

I can't believe I forgot to write about this already- FlySketch had a cameo in one of the WWDC sessions!

I got an email a while back from Richard Blanchard (an Apple employee), saying that he wanted to show FlySketch in one of the sessions if I could add PDF Workflow support to it.

"Yes sir! I'm right on it!"

It was really easy to add (about 30 minutes of work if I remember correctly) and I got a new build to him which supported it:

FlySketch and PDF Workflow

I showed up to the session (213: Harnessing the Power of PDF), and waited and waited for the demo. And then it was time. He switched over to his computer and... and it had a kernel panic message on the screen. Damn. No demo. His computer had crashed. When was the last time you ever saw OS X crash? Figures. At least it wasn't FlySketch's fault- I saw it sitting in the dock, unlaunched.

But wait- he had screenshots in his slides! Disaster averted! And he even said some very nice things about FlySketch and myself, and plugged VoodooPad as well. Super cool.

So that's one more feature to play with in FlySketch 1.1- PDF Workflow support (which also allows you to pass your image to actions in Automator).

-- posted 2:00 pm


Like the new fireplace? Why, yes! That is sunlight you see coming in from the outside! Know anyone in the greater Seattle area who needs about 2 tons of slate that's been painted white?

Yes, the joys of owning a house. I suggested just covering it over with drywall and then we'd be done with it, but apparently that wasn't an option. Anyway- here's a little update on what's been going on around here in Everett, WA.

It turns out that I in fact, do not live in Everett, WA. Huh? It's actually known as "Unincorporated Snohomish County". Great. So I just moved from Unincorporated St. Louis county to Unincorporated Snohomish County. At least my dreams of living in a town named "Augieville" are still alive. Kirstin found this out as she was trying to check out a book from the Everett public library- they asked for her address and then sent her packing when she told them. "You're not one of us- you'll have to go to a county library!"

I think the dogs like this backyard a bit more than the old place. There's more shade, and 10x more obstacles to chase each other around. A two level deck, trees, ivy, bushes, etc. And they can make a nice circuit from the top of the deck, down and around some cedar trees, through the garage door and up the inside stairs, through the dining room (just past the fancy new fireplace), and be up on top of the deck again in about 15 seconds if they go fast enough.

I've been making decent progress on FlySketch 1.1. Here's a screen shot of some new stuff you can do:

FlySketch Arrows

I know, it's simply amazing, isn't it? Hrm... anyway. I found a bug while messing around a couple of days ago. The arrows would swap ends when you moved an edge under certain conditions. It took me a day and a half to find the bug, and it came down to this:

if (startPoint.y > endPoint.y || startPoint.y < endPoint.y) {

All the programmers can stop laughing now. (There are supposed to be a pair of x's in there instead of two pairs of y's, otherwise it's not a useful if statement).

And last but not least- I just made my first cup of coffee ever. It tastes like crap- but I figure I better get used to it living so close to Seattle now. Joe says that I need to start with milk and sugar, and just add a little bit of coffee- and then work my way up from there. I guess that's not a bad idea.

-- posted 1:21 pm

As seen on the VoodooPad mailing list:

I've put up VoodooPad 2.1.1b1 in the usual location:

There are just a handful of bug fixes in here:

[VP/VPL] Changed the behavior of bullets to what they were like in 2.0. If you are on 10.4 two new items have been added to the insert menu, giving you quick access too 10.4's list support (for bullets and numbered lists) [VP/VPL] Bug fixed on 10.4 where left/right shifting wasn't working correctly. [VP/VPL] A Bug where Spotlight wouldn't index pages with certain characters in their titles has been fixed. [VP/VPL] Fixed possible crasher when writing out spotlight index. [VP/VPL] Fixed possible crasher when updating the backlinks.

Assuming nothing drastic is found, I'll be releasing the full version of this in a few days. If any new bugs show up (that aren't huge to fix) I'll put up a new beta and push the release out accordingly.

As always, please backup existing documents before trying this or any other new release.

-- posted 12:38 am