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August 19, 2007
(This post is from my old, old, super old site. My views have changed over the years, hopefully my writing has improved, and there is now more than a handful of folks reading my site. Enjoy.)

Fraser Speirs: "iWork '08 formatting bar: yet another new set of widgets. Don't Apple engineers get bored recreating NSPopupButton every 18 months?"

That pretty much sums up what I was thinking when I saw it and it made me laugh a little inside, especially after seeing a slide at WWDC that said "Use Standard Controls and Windows! Avoid customization". Apple is a very big company now :)

And while I'm picking on Apple (whom I love by the way), anyone else notice that the labels in the iWork preferences are all bold?

Keynote Preferences
(click for the big pic)

That's just a little weird. Especially since iPhoto and friends (which came out at the same time) don't do this. Should I start doing this in my apps? I think whoever is in charge of the HIG now should have a "question of the day" kind of thing, where we can submit questions like this and get a short answer.

You could even make it a widget!