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December 6, 2009

If you ever find yourself with a pencil that's been sharpened so much that it no longer fits into your hand, then I've got a little hack for you.

You can buy pencil extenders on the internet or in your local art store, but maybe you're just feeling lazy and would really like a solution this instant. The solution I came up with requires only 2 simple items which you've probably got laying around in the house already.


What I've got here is some masking tape and an old pen with a threaded inside, such as this Pilot G2.

The first step is to put a little bit of tape on the end of your pencil. Make sure not to cover up the hardness of your pencil, as you're still going to want to know what type of graphite you're drawing with. Next, unscrew your pen and take it's innards out.


I think you can probably guess step 3. Just screw the pencil into the end of the pen. The threads will catch the tape we've just put on, and it'll fit nice and snug in there. If you've got too much tape, peel a little off.


Tada. I'm not sure what the durability of this solution is, but after a quick test it seems like a reasonable idea.