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April 26, 2010

During lunch yesterday at the VTM conference I was throwing out a couple of app ideas that I'll never do, but which might be kind of fun or even profitable.

Well, probably not profitable; but that's for someone else to find out:

IDEA #1 "Does This Domain Exist?", a drinking game.

You and some other players sit at a table with plenty to drink, or whatever. Player 1 thinks up a crazy domain name, and types it in the iPhone. Everyone else makes a guess- does this domain exist or not? If you guess wrong you have to drink, or you don't get a point, or you take off some clothes or whatever.

Example: Player 1 comes up with "". Players 1 and 2 says it exists, player 3 says it doesn't. Turns out it doesn't exist. So players 1 and 2 get a point, player 3 has to drink, or whatever. The phone is handed to the player 2 and the process continues in a circle.

The dirty version of this game is "Does this Porn Movie Exist?".

IDEA #2 "Awesome Popup Book"

You know those popup books that we had as kids? You slide a little tab and things come up, or you open a paged and tada, it's in 3d? Do that for the iPad, but with pinch gestures. You could also have hidden little hotspots on a page where a pinch will do something different or reveal something "secret". Use the accelerometer to look around the popped up 3d image. Hours of fun for a kid I'd imagine.