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June 14, 2010

I've had a flurry of questions about VoodooPad for the iPad recently, so I thought I'd give a small update for folks.

It's coming along nicely, and I was using it last week at WWDC to take notes and such. But it still has a ways to go before it's ready for the store. Luckily for folks who want VPiP, it's the only thing I'm working on right now- so hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.

As far as features go, I need to temper your over-enthusiastic expectations if you have any. VoodooPad for the iPad is going to be simple. It syncs, it links, it edits. It does the basic stuff. However, VPiP is going to be closer in features to VoodooPad 1.0 than it is to VoodooPad 4.3. Since the iPad is so different than the desktop, I'm really having to start over in many ways. The core of VP is there, but I expect it to grow in different ways than VP desktop did (which has had over 7 years to mature).

I forget the exact quote, but something along the lines of "any sufficiently complex system can be proven to have evolved from a simple one" pretty much describes VP's evolution, and what I want to do with VPiP as well.

I appreciate the patience, and no one wants this to be finished up more than myself.

PS: VP = VoodooPad VPP = VoodooPad Pro VPL = VoodooPad Lite VPiP = VoodooPad iPad VPm = VoodooPad iPhone (m is mobile. When finished, will be a fat binary with VPiP) VPR = VP Reader

A theoretical 5.0 version of VoodooPad will dump the Pro and Lite, and make it just a single version along the lines of what I do for Acorn.