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September 16, 2010

VoodooPad 4.3b2 is available in all 3 tasty flavors on the latest build page. The full release notes are available as well, but here are the highlights:


  • Syncing Improvements
    Turns out syncing between the desktop and mobile devices is hard. We've made improvements in this area to help with the future version of VoodooPad for the iPad.
  • Page Anchors!
    This has been a top request for VoodooPad since it first came out over 7 years ago.
  • Web Export Tweaks.
    We're continually trying to add little improvements to it- and now you can escape HTML in your VoodooPad pages, so it isn't converted on export. We've also changed the shortcut key for Web Export, so that normal humans can invoke it.
  • Export a document as a "Mobile Web App".
    When you export a document as a Mobile Web App, it creates HTML files along with a manifest page which you can upload to a server. When Mobile Safari (on the iPhone or the iPad presumably) encounters this, you can save the website as a self contained app. Just choose the + button, and then "Add to Home Screen". The resulting app will also consult with the server for updates when launched.

    In a sense, this makes VoodooPad a little publishing engine for the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices which use this HTML 5 feature.

    For this to work properly, your server needs to set the mime type of the .manifest file to text/cache-manifest. You can check your server by using curl with the -I option from Terminal:
    curl -I
    Content-Type: text/cache-manifest
  • New "New Synchronized Document…" under the File menu
    This makes it easier to make a new document which syncs with a doc already in the cloud.
  • Updated startup window
    You can now drag + drop documents on it to open them.
  • New text editing options for folks on 10.6 and later
    Enable data detectors, automatic text replacement (editable in Sys Prefs ▸ Language and Text), and Automatic spelling correction.
  • A New Programmer
    Say hi to Ken Heglund, who is working on VoodooPad full time now!
-% And of course there are plenty of bug fixes and other tweaks.

The original idea was to release VoodooPad 4.3 along with the iPad version of VoodooPad. But of course, software always takes longer to write than you expect, and I've been sitting on top of 4.3 for too long. So we're going to ship it out sometime soon, and then get the iPad version out as soon as it's ready.

Remember- send all your feedback and bug reports to!