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October 7, 2011

Kickingbear: The 90 Percenters

The real danger you have as a savvy, professional, 90-percenter software developer looking to build a cottage industry business in the world of app development is believing you’ll find success without skipping a lot of TV shows.

That's the only mention of television in Guy English's post, but it's the bit I'm focusing on for this. For years people have asked me what's the #1 thing they need to do to make it or get started as an indie, and I usually respond "Don't watch any television".

Turn it off your TV, and unplug it. Throw it away. It's a distraction that you can live without, and god knows we have enough of those as it is. You're going to have to give up something to make it on your own, and I can't think of a better candidate than the boob tube.

You might even want to use an app like Concentrate when working so you don't find yourself checking Twitter or email every couple of minutes.