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November 22, 2011

I've put up an official beta of Acorn 3.2 on the latest builds page. This release is mostly about bug fixes, including some crashers that have been plaguing Acorn for a while now (check out the whole list here).

Acorn 3.2 is also quite a bit faster if you're working with big images (and by big, I mean 10 megapixels or more). In my tests I'm finding these improvements:

Cropping is up to 2.5x faster. Applying filters is up to 9x faster. Performing multiple rotates in a row is up to 6x faster. Auto Levels is 8x faster.

And the larger your image is, the bigger the difference in performance you'll see.

For the curious, I tested on 3 machines- a 2006 Mac Pro (MacPro2,1), 2011 11" MBA (MacBookAir4,1), and a 2010 iMac (iMac10,1).

I really want to get this out soon, so make sure to check it out and send any bugs you encounter to