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April 19, 2011

There's a new app coming out for the Mac called "Kickoff", and they've got a really neat teaser page- so check it out if you haven't already.

The first thing I noticed after the fancy animations was the little submit button they've got on Kickoff's website. Of course I couldn't resist figuring out what it would take to make something similar in Acorn. A couple of vector shapes + gradients, text blocks, and layer styles later I produced this:

Fancy Button

I originally designed the smaller button to the left, and to make the larger button I just resized the image by 200% and moved the submit button a little to the right to make it line up better. Behold- the power of using vector shapes in a bitmap app! That larger guy probably looks awesome on retina displays.

I've got a tutorial coming out soonish (once Kirstin is done proof reading it), but you can download the Acorn 3 file right now to see how it's made. (Since this image uses layer styles, you'll need Acorn 3.0 to view it properly).

Are there any other neat iOS or Web 4.0 style buttons that you'd like to see made in Acorn? Hit me up in the comments.