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June 3, 2011

Brent Simmons: NetNewsWire acquired by Black Pixel:

"Of all the many, many things I’ve learned in the past nine years, it’s that the best part isn’t money or winning awards or the small fame that comes with a successful app, it’s when people write to say they love the software."

Brent and NetNewsWire were my inspiration for going indie, and I know I'm not alone. Daniel Pasco of Black Pixel couldn't have said it better:

"For many of us, NetNewsWire was the inspiration to quit our jobs, get serious about learning Objective-C, and go indie. The fact that we have the opportunity to become a part of its story is a dream come true."

I know the Black Pixel crew and see them all the time. They are a great team, and NetNewsWire is in great hands.