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October 18, 2012

Dan Moren for Macworld, iCloud: Sharing done wrong:

"For example, if you’d like to take a text file created in TextEdit and stored in iCloud, and then edit it in some other program, there’s no easy way to do so. No other program can see that data, either on the Mac or the iPad. In fact, no iOS program at all can see the files stored in TextEdit, because there’s no equivalent Apple text editor on that platform. The same goes for PDFs and images: You can save them in iCloud via Preview on OS X, but when you jump to your iPad or iPhone, those files are nowhere to be found."


"Since OS X Leopard, Apple has been diligently constructing a system of versioning and backing up files, yet somehow it has permitted this unholy mess to accumulate. As with sharing files between applications, the strengths of features like Auto Save and Versions go out the window when multiple users are involved, leading straight to a world where files have names like Apple_Presentation_version_3-Lex-final-really.key"

iCloud document syncing drives me nuts, and the lack of sharing files is the main reason why I went with Dropbox for $vp$ 5. Collaboration is pretty big these days, and I don't understand why Apple is going the opposite route and making it harder to share files between apps on the same computer, let alone with your friends and colleagues.