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December 28, 2012

Videos are up on YouTube for the The Kennedy Center Honors the other night, which included tributes to both Buddy Guy and Led Zeppelin. I'm a huge fan of both of these musical geniuses, and if you're a fan as well I encourage you to watch these videos.

Playing Sweet Home Chicago at the end of the Buddy Guy tribute was classic. I don't know how many blues bootlegs I have where the last song of the night was this old Robert Johnson tune, and with every musician coming up to join in, but I bet it's a lot. It reminded me of the last song Stevie Ray ever played - Sweet Home Chicago of course, with Buddy Guy and some other folks you'd recognize.

But even better is the Led Zeppelin tribute. The cover of Stairway at the end was pretty moving, and that's even before you get to Jason Bonham playing drums. You can see Jimmy, Robert, and John trying to hold back tears.