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March 27, 2012

Wil Shipley: The Mac App Store Needs Paid Upgrades.

As usual Wil writes something all Mac devs will want to read. And he manages to layout a handful of options that we're given (some of which I recently voiced myself). His proposed solution is for Apple to provide paid upgrades in the App Store. I agree wholeheartedly- but I'm pessimistic and don't think Apple will do this (it's not really their style).

And he echoes perfectly my feelings about the whole situation:

"Apple’s not keeping iWork up-to-date despite sitting on one hundred billion dollars. I’m a lot poorer than them; I simply can’t afford to write new code and not charge for it. I wish I could! It’d be great if I could say to my beloved customers, “Look, you gave me $40 six years ago, you’re set for life, here’s my latest work for free!” but my employees unfortunately don’t like it when I say to them, “Look, I paid you six years ago…”"