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April 21, 2012

VoodooPad 5.0 is finally out.

You can read about my favorite new features on the FM Blog, and you can download VoodooPad 5 from the VoodooPad website.

It feels really really good to finally release this; VP5 was one of the most difficult releases I've ever done. So much internally has changed, and combined with VP for iOS 2.0 being released at the same time- I'm surprised I didn't kill myself.

Even though Acorn brings in the lion's share of my revenues for Flying Meat (over 90%), I still love using and working on VoodooPad. It works like I do, and it allows me to squirrel away thoughts and info and write my documentation and everything in it. If you're a long time VoodooPad geek, I think you're really going to like this update.