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June 4, 2012

In my experience, there's two notable types of relaxing when you're an indie developer.

There's the calm before the storm type of relaxing. This is where you take a trip to Hawaii (as everyone at Panic just recently did), or head down to Mexico as all the folks at Flying Meat (aka, Kirstin and I) did last year before releasing Acorn 3.0.

It's nice but there is still a bit of tension in the air with this first type. You know there are critical bugs you won't catch, and you might have to resubmit or something, or you might even decide to rewrite the compositing engine while laying in bed while on this "relaxing" vacation. It's a good time, and it needs to be done to wind down. But it's not the best.

The other type of relaxing is when you've already gotten the critical "Oh Shit" type of bugs out of the last major release. In my most recent case this was a quick VoodooPad 5.0.1 and later 5.0.2. Now that those are done I'm starting to ramp up on the next release of Acorn 3, and making smaller changes to VoodooPad and thinking about VP5.1.

It's nice to be on steady waters. No longer are you trying to figure out why something is happening deep in your code, which you know for certain isn't even possible, yet it's happening anyway and whoops it just deleted another piece of data. Nope- now is the time where you can take big breaths and stretch your arms out, and work on those little features that most people will never see (but it's awesome when they do). Now is the time to fix those little bugs that you've been meaning to tackle for 6 months or more now.

I love this part. Don't mistake it for sitting still (you never do as an indie dev), but it's the part that I enjoy most as a coder.