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August 31, 2013

I've put up the classes that Acorn uses to read and write PSD files on GitHub: I've been meaning to do a bit more work on them before writing about it, but that task keeps on being pushed back as other things preempt it. It needs a test app to show it in action, and I need to move my tests over to it as well. However… release early and release often, right?

So what's been pushing that work (and work on JSTalk as well)? Apple keeps on making cool stuff for me to target, and I'd be an idiot for not working on those first.

First up- Acorn 4.2 is moving towards doing more with the GPU. Right now most everything in Acorn is being done on the CPU for various historical reasons, but with the new Mac Pros coming out and with such an emphasis on the GPU I can't continue to do that anymore. So that's been happening in the labs.

Second up- a new compositing engine for Acorn 4.2 as well. I've had this plan sketched out on a piece of paper for over two years now and it's been sitting on my desk for all that time. The new engine hasn't been a priority since the current one works fine, but I think my ideas will improve things dramatically for images with lots of layers. At least, that's the hope. It might get pushed off a bit if it takes too long to do, but since I'm moving rendering to GL now is the time to try and implement it.

More: iOS 7 is coming, and along with it some great new text improvements that will make VPiOS users super happy. iOS 7 is still under NDA so I won't talk about it, but I will say that the #1 feature request has been implemented and is working in the fm labs.