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November 5, 2014

Jason Snell reviews the new Kindle Voyage over on Six Colors.

I received my new Voyage last week as well, and my thoughts on it match pretty closely with Jason's. However, I've not had any problems with my finger slipping off the bezel and accidentally turning pages, though I wouldn't mind if the bezel was a tiny bit wider. But then, I also really like the size of it so I don't want it to get bigger. And I don't want the display any smaller.

Design is hard.

It does feel really nice in my hands though.

I do have one complaint; I wish the Voyage was a faster. I was in a bookstore recently and they had Kobo eReaders on display, so I played around with them briefly. They were noticeably faster than the Kindle, and it left me wondering why the latest and greatest from Amazon weren't just as fast.

OK, one more complaint. Still no ePub support. Not that I actually expect it to ever show up, but it would be nice to have.

Marco also has a short review up, and he's a bit more critical of it.