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November 3, 2014

I was under the impression that the extensions architecture on Yosemite would cause 3rd party code to run in a separate process. But as of today, my #1 crasher for Acorn is caused by Dropbox's extension on OS X 10.10.

I see Dropbox is pushing out lots of updates for their client, but I don't see anything specific to this problem. Has anyone else seen this, or been able to reproduce it (email me please if you have)?

For the developers in the crowd, here's the stack trace. Even though I said Dropbox was running code in my process- I realize that it probably isn't. But it sure feels like it does. Maybe it's Apple's XPC services that are flaking out and causing Acorn to crash, and the Dropbox extension is just triggering it?

Update 11/21/2014
Apple has released 10.10.1, and it seems that this crash is fixed (phew). And yes, it was an Apple bug.