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February 2, 2014

I was watching Felix Baumgartner make his awesome jump in Red Bull Stratos - The Full Story, and at 1:30 into the video it starts showing computer high tech goop for dramatic effect and then all of a sudden WAS THAT AN OS X CRASH REPORT IN THE BACKGROUND?

Click to embiggen.

Why yes, yes it is. And one that I recognize very well.

I don't know what the app is (looks like it's version 7.0.1 of something (they've doctored it up a bit)), but the crashing app is using OpenCL, and it's crashing in the CL runtime.

For a long time, something like this was Acorn's #1 crasher. So I'm going to guess what the crash is (thought since I can't see thread #2 which it is crashing on, I can't make a very good guess).

OpenCL lets you compile your cl kernels into bitcode ("offline compilation"), making it easier to ship your app without source files stored as plaintext somewhere on disk or in your binary. This is kind of awesome.

So Acorn took advantage of this, and all was well with the world.

Then Apple shipped a system update which broke it. And not just a little runtime error where the kernel won't load, but it ends up crashing your app instead. Using Acorn's flood fill, instant alpha, or magic wand tool would cause a crash on some machines.


It's actually still my number one crasher. I fixed it a long time ago (by not using the offline cl compiler anymore) but not everyone updates their apps - so I still see these crash reports coming in. Radars have been filed, but the bug still lives on. And now it has even made its way to YouTube.