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July 8, 2015

Wired: Pens Are Making a High-Tech Comeback:

"You can’t type out the folds of a dress, or the gentle curves of a skyscraper. Drawing with your stubby finger on a touchscreen isn’t much better. Humans are tool-based creatures: Our fingers can do amazingly intricate things with a pen, a brush, or a scalpel, that we can’t replicate with a mouse or the pads of our fingers. Our computers are giving back that kind of detailed control. In turn, the pen is opening up new ways of digital expression, new tools for communication, new ways to interact with our tech."

And later:

"Imagine a world where there’s such fine control in your hands that you can chisel a statue out of virtual marble, or create a digital watercolor that is stroke for stroke exactly how it would look in real life. That’s possible, and it’s only possible with a pen. You already know how to use it, as famous stylus-hater Steve Jobs might say. And it gives you the kind of freedom and control every great technology should."