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June 7, 2016

What I'm guessing will happen

  • An Amazon Echo like product, but it'll be tied to Siri and it'll have a sweet SDK. Maybe we'll have one under our seats?
  • Mac OS X rebrand to macOS 12.
  • Siri availablitly on OS X. Finally. Maybe always on as well? I've got an Amazon Echo and absolutely love it, so having the ability to drive my Mac with voice commands would be super awesome.
  • Probably a new 5k display, since the current displays are crazy old.
  • New Mac Pros announced, which can drive the new 5k display. However I'm not terribly excited about this, as I wasn't happy with the 2013 Pros (I actually sold mine a little while back. I'm on an iMac 5k now).
  • Xcode 8.

What I want to happen, probably but won't

  • I really want the rebrand of Mac OS X to be "Mac OS". That capital letter and the space mean a lot to me. If I can't have that, MacOS will do.
  • A Mac OS upgrade which is about bug fixes and minor features. Maybe even moving to an 18 month upgrade cycle instead of a yearly one.
  • New Macs with ARM processors in them, with dev kits in a month or so. This WWDC can be all about the transition to ARM, so Mac OS won't get a ton of new features.
  • Some awesome new features for Swift that haven't been made public yet.
  • An upgrade to OpenCL. Unfortunately, It seems that Apple has moved on. If I can't have that, how about Metal on the CPU? (Why CPU? Well, some things like flood fill are faster in Acorn when the memory is local to it).

Other stuff I Predict

  • I'll see a lot of old friends, and hopefully make some new ones.
  • A lot of pizza will be eaten.
  • I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the week.