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December 14, 2017

Primate Labs has just acquired VoodooPad.

I originally wrote VoodooPad in 2003, and then sold it to Plausible Labs in 2013 so I could focus on Acorn. Besides rewriting the encryption, Plausible never really updated VoodooPad. This seemed a shame to me, and I felt my customers were let down by this lack of updates.

But now VoodooPad is in the hands of Primate Labs, and I'm hopeful something will happen with it. I've known John Poole (the founder of Primate Labs) for a number of years, and I trust him. His company has a number of apps, and most importantly has shown that they know how to ship updates.

I had no idea this was coming, but I'm super happy it did. I still use VoodooPad every day and I'd love to see an update.