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May 19, 2017

We found out yesterday Chris Cornell, Seattle native and soul of Soundgarden, has died. It's looking like a suicide.

I was walking around Seattle last evening with friends, for happier reasons, and it was impossible to ignore the impact of Chris's death on the city. Every pub we entered was playing songs of his, sometimes a little Nirvana sprinkled in because that still hurts too. Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden shirts and jackets were out. The DJs on KEXP were constantly on the verge of tears, talking about Chris, suicide, and playing his music.

As we sat down under some trees you could look up and see the Space Needle lit up. A few minutes later it went dark. Random people gathered on a corner, with a guitar of course, singing songs of his.

On the way home there was a sign hanging from an overpass, the words Say Hello to Heaven painted on.

Chris Cornell will be missed.