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June 1, 2017

On one hand, it's completely unreasonable to be posting requests for what I'd like to see next week at WWDC. Really I should have made this list a year ago. But on the other hand, it's fun to do so here we go:

New Mac Pro Teaser
It'd be awesome if we got some sort of teaser about what's coming in the new Mac Pro. This is what I'd like Apple to say: "The 2018 Mac Pro is a quiet box with room to put things in, and it's not super expensive like the last one. Sorry about the last one by the way. Also, we decided that we would leave our desire to innovate on everything to other products. This new machine is pretty boring, but it's fast and boring and we know you appreciate that and you've been waiting long enough as it is. This one has USB-C and the newest Thunderbolt though, unlike the last one. Again, sorry. But you'll like this Mac Pro for real this time. And here's a 48 bit, super wide gamut display to go with it."

Performance Tools for Core Image
I'd like to know where the bits for images I'm drawing reside, how they got there, and how long it took to get there. Also, how much memory is that image taking up on the GPU? And what's the state of the caching that you're doing for me behind the curtains? Enquiring developers would like to know.

macOS Renamed to MacOS
I know this is petty, but I can't stand seeing the lowercase M in the name. It's weak and screams of the late 2000's. Can we just pretend the lowercase didn't happen?

MacOS 10.13
It's already showing up in web server logs, so I'm sure 10.13 is around the corner. But what's going to be in it? I'd like to see stability, performance, and better Siri integration. Some sort of neat iPad integration that's been rumored for a while now would also be awesome.

I'd also like to see APFS on the Mac, but I'm scared of it to be honest. The switchover for iOS to APFS was easy because developers weren't allowed to do very much with the file system. On MacOS however, developers and users have been having their way with the file system for decades. There's going to be more than a couple of edge cases to take care of. I don't want to get burned.

Siri in a Speaker
I've got an Amazon Echo, and I love it. I'd like to see what Apple's take is in this category.

But- Apple is going to have to open Siri up a bit more. I want to be able to make triggers and actions for it. I want to be program my own commands into it, which might then talk back to my Mac or whatever else I want.

No More Cutesy Siri
I'd love to be able to turn off Siri's "witty" one liners and comments. It got old after the 3rd time, let me turn it off already.

Dynamic Swift
Objective-C has a rich system for dynamically calling methods and forwarding messages to objects. I find it incredibly liberating to use, and I really wish Swift had something similar.

Xcode Improvements
I'd like it to be faster and crash less. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

The last time I was in San Jose Apple was introducing Aqua for the first time. San Jose is a sleepier town than San Francisco, but I think we'll all have fun anyway. Hopefully I'll see you there.