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June 12, 2018

512 Pixels on Dark Mode:

"As we’ve seen, this is far from a mere inversion of the default Appearance. Apple has gone through and fine-tuned the smallest details to make this work.

"For example, the window shadows are different between the Light and Dark Appearance. In Dark Mode, they are a little crisper and slightly more opaque, complete with an inner stroke around the edges of windows to help them appear more defined.

"Another example of this is Desktop Tinting, a technique Aqua uses to alter the grays used in Dark Mode to be more harmonious with the current Desktop picture."

When Dark Mode was first introduced in the keynote, up on the big screen, I was pretty disappointed. It looked incredibly garish. But after installing Mojave and trying it out in person, I've decided I really like it. I've got a bunch of work to bring Acorn and Retrobatch up to speed with it, but I think it'll be worth it.