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September 5, 2018

NetNewsWire, the feed reader that I still use to this day, has returned home to Brent Simmons:

"After some years spent traveling the world, NetNewsWire is now back where it started! It’s my app again.

"We’ve kept its room ready for all these years. And I am thrilled to welcome it home."

I'm happy to see development start up again on that app. And I'm super happy to see it being done by Brent.

My RSS (and JSON!) feeds are still going strong for this blog, but I also have a micro feed, for little posts that I don't include in the main feed on that site. Maybe you want to subscribe to those as well? Those posts also get mirrored over to (I'm ccgus over there) via the magic of syndication. I've also been active on The Federated Timeline for the past couple of weeks and you can find me over on as ccgus.

I've still got my Twitter account, but I'm not too happy with the company lately so I'm trying to stay off it as much as I can. And if pictures of pizza are your thing, you can find me as ccgus on Instagram.

I looked for a while, but I seem to have lost my ICQ number. I'm pretty sure it had 6 digits.