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September 7, 2018

Here's something new for your lazy August September* morning: Retrobatch 1.1 is out.

What's new and awesome? Well, Retrobatch now has some great scripting goodness in the form of a new Automator action which will run a workflow for you (and create Automator droplets), a new JavaScript node*, and the ability to run Retrobatch workflows from the terminal.

We've added a handful of new nodes such as Dither, Auto Enhance, Instant Alpha, and Color Posterize. New options to existing nodes have also shown up, such as "Only scale smaller" for the Scale node.

And an interesting idea that I've had folks ask about a number of times- it's now possible to run an image through a machine learning classifier, and then have the classification written to metadata such as the image title, or keywords. This was done by adding token support to the Set Specific Metadata node. This also means you can use other tokens such as the Current Year in metadata fields. Awesome? We think so.

The full release notes are available, and if you have ideas or questions- make sure to poke around on the forums or write us: We've got lots of ideas for future releases, but if you'd like something specific in there make sure to let us know.

* Whoa, it's September already?

**I'm calling the JavaScript node a "preview". It works very well, but I'm not 100% sold on the API that I've provided to folks. So this is a disclaimer that it might change a little bit in the future.