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November 22, 2019

Inspired by Inessential's 20th birthday, I decided to dig in and see how hard it would be to import my old posts from into my current blogging system. Thirteen hundred posts later, I think I've got a reasonable archive added in now, dating back to December of 2000.

Blogging back then for me was way different that it is now. I pretty much wrote about pointless little things that I knew only five or six people would see. I would make references that probably only a few people understood. There were no titles in the posts either, much like does today.

This was also when I would spin up a new MySQL database at the drop of a hat, and build a new blogging engine in Java or Python or whatever over a weekend, just for fun. And then of course all my blogging was in VoodooPad via a custom Lua plugin, and I eventually shipped it with the app.

Honestly, the old posts are kind of embarrassing. There are a few good ones that maybe shouldn't be lost to time, like "How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days". Maybe my posts about how I'm craving some fried chicken at the moment should be. But you can see my post where I released my first piece of paid software (it didn't even make the $7 I was hoping for). And the post where I discover someone had put VoodooPad up on VersionTracker for me still cracks me up.

In the end, I decided I should spend a little bit of time bringing it all over, even if there are formatting problems (which I'm going to try clean up).