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June 25, 2019

The Seattle Times: Apple says it plans to turn Seattle into ‘key engineering hub’ with 2,000 new workers:

Apple plans to add 2,000 software and hardware jobs in Seattle within the next five years, starting with 200 additional jobs this year, company officials said Monday at a news conference with Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The company is leasing all the office space at 333 Dexter Ave. N., a complex of two 12-story buildings nearing completion at Dexter Avenue and Thomas Street, one block west of the core Amazon campus in South Lake Union.

The office space could accommodate more than 3,000 employees.

This is pretty huge. I've been telling everyone at Apple who would listen that an engineering office is needed in Seattle. There are a ton of great programmers up here who don't want to leave because they own a hosue, love the weather, or want to stay away from the insanity that is Silicon Valley. We're overflowing with talent.

Hopefully it's not just Siri and Maps positions, but jobs that work on apps or frameworks too.

Would I be tempted to work for Apple at this point? Probably not. I'm still happy doing my own thing. But I know plenty of people who would seriously consider it.