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August 26, 2019

NetNewsWire 5.0 Now Available:

"In case you haven’t been following along until just now: NetNewsWire is an open source RSS reader for Mac. It’s free! You can just download it and use it. No strings.

It’s designed to be stable, fast, and free of bugs. It doesn’t have a lot of features yet, and that’s because we prioritized quality over features. We will be adding more features, of course, but not quickly. We’re also working on an iOS app."

A big congrats to Brent Simmons and everyone else who worked on NetNewsWire 5.0. I've been using NetNewsWire since version 1.0- which was released way back in 2003! I'm super happy to see development started back up on it and I know it has many more great years ahead of it.