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March 28, 2020

We've been officially quarantining for 15 days now, but there were a couple of days in early March where we kept Madeline out of school because it looked like my wife Kirstin might have caught something. It cleared up quickly though, so back to second grade Madeline went. For a week anyway. Then school was called off till April 27th.

I've been baking more bread and posting pictures of pizza to Instagram. I've also been writing a little more frequently on my pizza blog and I have more things I'm working on for that site as well. (If you were wondering why all my pizza posts stopped years ago, well they didn't stop they just moved).

It's a bit odd, because I usually make extra bread loaves for my neighbors but I haven't really been doing that because of coronavirus and I'm scared I'd pass it on. Maybe I'm infected and I'm just asymptomatic? I was a bit dizzy a few days ago, which is a common symptom. But I've had dizziness prior to the outbreak as well. And there's lots of pollen in the air too. Who knows.

Kirstin works as a PT at Providence hospital, in the building where the U.S.'s first COVID-19 case was treated. She's still going into work, where they ration masks. And we live in Snohomish county, where the first U.S. outbreak occurred. Madeline had a bad cold for a little over a week, but she's all better now. Was it just the cold? Who knows. We've got no tests.

I've been messaging with friends in St. Louis, where I grew up. I get the impression that parts of the city are taking it very seriously, and some parts aren't at all. That doesn't bode well. Italy didn't take it seriously at first and as I write this, they just passed the 10k mark of confirmed deaths from coronavirus. New York is being hit super hard right now as well. Things are going to get way worse.

Dog walks are still happening in the gulch if it's not too windy. There's hardly anyone else in there thankfully, just a few locals. I bought Madeline the Zelda Breath of the Wild guide, which she pours over. It's something she really enjoys reading and the game is super fun for her- she mostly plays as a tourist visiting the different towns and stables and finding horses and exploring. She typically does the same in Minecraft, but Zelda is the new hotness right now.

Our favorite climbing gym laid everyone off. We're friends with everyone there, so it's sad not to see them anymore and know they are all out of jobs. The other local climbing gym claims they will be open on April 6th. I think they are tad optimistic about that. A couple of my favorite restaurants were doing take out, which we took advantage of while we could, but they've shut down at this point. Boeing's big factory up here closed and that was a big hit to the local restaurants.

Things are still happening for Flying Meat. I was already working from home so that's not a change (I gave up the office years ago). Having Madeline at home and getting work done is a bit of a challenge, but I'm finishing up Retrobatch 1.4 and still trying to figure out which new features will make it to Acorn 6.6. I'm also hacking away on little side projects as usual. Destiny still continues in the evenings.

We'll see what the next week brings. But if you're doing the math, it doesn't look like things are going to improve anytime soon.