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Crafting "Crafting Interpreters"

Bob Nystrom on making his new book "Crafting Interpreters":

I hand letter everything. It takes a long time. I used to do graphic design, and I have this weird tic where any time I see something that looks handwritten, I look for multiple instances of the same letter to see if they are different or if the design just used a handwriting font. It’s almost always a handwriting font and I die a little inside to see the illusion evaporate.

Well, this is my damned book and no reader will ever feel that disappointment. Every single fucking letter in every one of the illustrations was hand lettered and is unique.

Also, if that’s not obsessive enough, I spent time changing my own handwriting to better match the text font of the book. I taught myself to write double-story “a” and “g” letters and practiced by filling pages of paper with the same letter over and over.

It's a delightful read.