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June 24, 2020

I'm really enjoying the format of the WWDC videos that are coming out. The talks I've been interested in are short and focused, so I don't have to fast forward through sections I'm not interested in.

The code sections in the Developer app are almost pretty awesome too. It's a shame the Developer app is a buggy port from iOS- anytime I click on a code section to copy it, the scrollview either pages to the top or goes to some other random location. It's super frustrating. Hopefully Catalyst changes in MacOS 11 will make it better.

I've got Acorn compiling as a universal binary now, so in theory it'll run on the new ARM processor Macs. Retrobatch is mostly there as well, but I'm feeling lazy about it at the moment and will finish it up when I have actual hardware to test on. I can't imagine it'll take more than a couple of hours at this point. Maybe even less- I've got a 3rd little app I've been fiddling with and all it took to compile was updating Sparkle. We'll see what happens when it actually runs though.

Speaking of, I'm seeing folks get approved for the new developer transition kits who don't even have Mac apps! Ship dates and everything. I'm still over here crossing my fingers, wondering why this guy who's been developing Mac apps for over 20 years hasn't gotten one yet. Yeesh.

Update: I'm good on the dev kit!

Anyway, the more I think about the ARM transition, the more I get excited about it. Between Rosetta 2, running iOS apps on the Mac, virtualization of other ARM based OSs, and of course AppKit- Macs are going to be an amazing development environment. And with Apple's commitment to keeping existing tech around (like OpenGL, OpenCL, etc.), something I'm still shocked by, bringing existing apps forward to the new architecture is going to be a breeze.

While some of the changes in MacOS Big Sur aren't to my liking (what the hell happened to the Messages icon? The shadows are horrible!), I'm pretty happy with it overall and I can't wait to ship my updates for it.