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October 15, 2021

This coming Monday, Apple is having an event they are referring to as "Unleashed". The general rumor is this will be an announcement of new MacBook Pros with faster M1 based processors.

That'd be great, but what I really want is some sort of M1/M1X/M2 based iMac Pro with a big display. It's been a while since I've bought a new desktop (I'm still rocking a late 2015 iMac for some reason), and I'm eager for something newer and faster. Hopefully we'll also get a release day for MacOS Monterey.

One thing that I haven't seen remarked upon much, is that it's been few weeks since a new beta of Xcode 13 dropped with a Monterey SDK to build against. This makes me think that there will be new APIs for dealing with some sort of new hardware in whatever is coming out Monday. So whatever we're getting, I bet it's going to be a little more involved than just a standard hardware upgrade.