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When Led Zeppelin Was in Seattle

Lord Rare Rock on Instagram:

Seattle - 1977 - After Zeppelin was banned for life from the Edgewater Inn for previous incidents, such as the infamous shark, they somehow got that ban reversed. The manager, James Blum, warned them to be on their best behavior this time. I think we can imagine how they took that warning. It is said that on that night, the band threw not one, but five televisions into the Puget Sound which was directly below the windows at the Edgewater Inn. The band racked up an obscene amount of damage fees, which Richard Cole happily paid. When they were checking out, Cole was asked by one of the hotel clerks - "I’ve heard that Led Zeppelin has a reputation for throwing TVs. But I thought it was BS. Can you tell me, what does it feel like to just toss a TV out of your window?” Cole replied, ”Kid, there are some things in life that you’ve got to experience for yourself," as he slid $500. “Go toss a TV courtesy of Zeppelin”