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May 21, 2021

50 Years ago today, Marvin Gay's album "What's Going On" was released. It's such an amazing album and if you haven't listened to it recently, why not today? The music and lyrics on this album are timeless in so many ways, both good and bad.

NPR: Remembering Marvin Gaye's Iconic 'What's Going On'

KEXP: Marvin Gaye 'What’s Going On' Day

On May 21st, 1971, Tamla-Motown released Marvin Gaye’s 11th LP, his first masterpiece, What’s Going On. Marvin used his platform as an artist to talk about what he was seeing in the world: people struggling to survive — addiction, rampant police brutality, and ecological disaster. Fifty years later, this album is as relevant as ever. On Friday, May 21st, join KEXP in celebrating a half-century of this landmark in music, while recognizing how much farther we still have to go. Because: It’s Still Going On.

There's a wealth of Marvin Gaye music on YouTube as well.