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November 15, 2022

Rober Dam: I record myself on audio 24x7 and use an AI to process the information. Is this the future?

I bought a couple of Chinese microphones, I wear them and turn them on all day recording everything I speak, at the end of the day the files are processed with OpenAi’s Whisper and transformed into text files from which the information is extracted.

In that context I realized that you could create a rudimentary “Ok Google” style “Digital Assistant” to actively take advantage of the fact that it was recording everything anyway.

This is a pretty clever idea. I can't see myself wearing a microphone all day, but I could see something in my office for this.

Maybe I could make a Siri Intent to do this? But Siri is always getting what I say wrong and I have to interrupt what I was doing to correct it. If I don't correct it I'll see a reminder in a few hours and have no idea what it's for.

Wouldn't it be cool to have the recorded information to go along with reminders or notes to yourself?