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March 20, 2024

Retrobatch 2.1 is out, and it's a free update for 2.x license holders.

Here's what is new and awesome:

  • A new Look up Table (LUT) node! (This is my favorite).
    The LUT node can be used to quickly and easily alter the color and tone of your images. LUTs can be used to create a wide range of effects, from subtle color adjustments to dramatic stylistic changes — it's like a pre-programmed filter, but with more flexibility and control. Use one of Retrobatch's LUT presets, or download additional LUTs that emulate film stocks, create specific moods (like warm, cool, or vintage), or simply enhance the natural colors in your image.
    You can also adjust the opacity and blending mode of the LUT. Use a grayscale LUT and then dial back the opacity to create some dramatic effects in your images. (Retrobatch Pro only)
  • New "Tile Chop" node which will take an image and split it up into multiple images based on a width and height set in its properties.
  • New "Camera Capture" node which uses your Mac's built in camera to take a photo (Retrobatch Pro only).
  • Photos Export now has an option to export the Current, Unadjusted, or Original versions of your Photos Library images. *New "Auto Process" option in the RAW Import node. This lets you skip the fiddly options and just lets Retrobatch make the best guess at how the image should be processed.
  • Two new nodes for renaming files. "File Rename" which will take one search string and replace it with another, and "Web Safe Rename" which will take a sequence of characters and then replace those with a given string. This is handy for tasks where you need to take out special characters or spaces from your images to make them easier for handling on the web.
  • There's a new Advanced tab in Preferences, with some new options:
    • A new "Default Write Folder" that will be used anytime you add a Write node.
    • A "Clear JavaScript console when a workflow runs" option, which is useful for plugin authors.
    • A "Allow unknown file types" option, which can be used to load ancient file types that MacOS no longer recognizes (Pro only). Find out more about this preference if you find it intriguing.

There are additional changes and bug fixes of course. You can read all the gory details from the release notes.

You can use the Retrobatch ▸ Check for Updates… menu item to get the latest release, or if you have downloaded it via the App Store you can update it from there.

And of course, I've always got more planned so look for more fun stuff in the future.