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April 6, 2020

I think it's kind of important to record what our daily activities are as this pandemic rages the globe. Even though it's super boring, I bet it'll still be interesting to read some day, maybe even informative. Maybe my daughter will look back at it 50 years from now, as a new pandemic rages the globe. (Make sure to put on masks right away, kiddo. You don't look stupid, you're just ahead of the curve).

It's a great time to get some home projects done. I guess. We're over 10k deaths now in the US. I'll just throw that stat out there.

Right, home projects. I already work from home, but it's hard to get programming done while I'm also watching Madeline. So when she's done with worksheets or anything that she can basically do with minimal help, we'll use the leftover time to do house projects. Most recently, I finished putting up the fascia for our deck (which was put on hold last November because of weather). The handrail posts are up as well and they look pretty good. We just need to order the actual handrails and then we'll be all set. The garden is being de-weeded as well when the days are nice. Madeline planted some seeds in her section of the garden, but she can't remember where exactly.

The apple tree seedlings are coming along, but we've lost 2 out 6. I think at least 4 will make it.

Since rock climbing isn't happening anymore, I've been looking at ways that we can keep in shape while not getting any vertical milage. I have a box of climbing holds, I just need to figure out to build a little bouldering wall. This is proving to be kind of difficult- we have high ceilings in a couple of spots at our house, but not necessarily where we'd want a climbing wall. I'd like to build one in the shed, but we already have things in the shed so where will they go? (I should get another shed obviously).

We do have a retaining wall that's 8' at one spot! It won't take artificial climbing holds, so I've been experimenting with using construction adhesive to glue actual real rocks to it. So far so good- but it takes a couple of days for the glue to cure. When I'm done it'll be about 60' of traversing, which we can use to keep up endurance. It's actually usable now without any holds, but what's fun about that?

I'm starting to run a little more, and I'm trying to do 100 pull-ups every other day. I'll need at least one rest day between big sets to remain (hopefully) injury free- chronic tendonosis is pretty common in climbers and I'm certainly no exception.

Madeline's spring break is officially this week- but we're obviously just sitting at home. Schooling continues with some helpful worksheets and such from the school district. Google Classrooms starts up next week which will certainly be interesting. WA announced today that schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. I feel pretty bad for Madeline, as she's an only kid and doesn't have anyone her age to goof off with. I probably feel worse for her than she actually feels. I know she misses friends but is actually doing better than I thought she would.

Madeline is still obsessed by Zelda BOTW, continuously asking me questions and if I have discovered various objects or places yet.

Kirstin's hospital is still super short on masks. She's picked up some extra days since our previous plans for this week were canceled.

Family members are losing their jobs.

Omni laid off a number of folks last week, so that was a kick in the pants. Of the ten laid off, two I play Destiny with regularly (Kristina and Brian), Mark and Joel seem to have always just been floating in my circles, and Brent I've been friends with since the summer of 2003. Remember to support your indie companies by investing in their products!

Every night at some point, I find myself blindingly furious at our science-ignoring administration and anyone who excuses them.

Another week goes by with many more to come.